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About the Program
Program Overview
  • Reward your Patients for choosing to be loyal to your practice.
  • Generate a higher Patient base by giving them incentives to be loyal to your practice.
  • Set up your Rewards gallery.
  • Chose the number of reward points you want to assign to each gallery item.
  • Enrolling

    Browse our Membership Tiers to choose a membership that fits your office requirement.

    You can choose from silver, gold to platinum membership with no limit to number of Patients you enroll in the PRP program

    Once you are enrolled with the Patient Rewards Program you can start rewarding your Patients

  • Rewarding Patients and Employee

    Enroll few or all of your Patients and Employee in the Rewards Program . Give reward points to Patients for being loyal to your practice.

    Give Rewards and motivate your Employee to work their best. Give reward points to Patients for attributes such as "on time", "zero balance" , friend referrals etc. Give reward points to your employee for attributes such as "highest production of the month".

  • Managing your Rewards Account

    You can manage the Rewards Point easily. Our Team will set it up for you for free and we will train your staff to use it. It's simple and easy to use.

  • Healthcare Office

    You can choose membership that suits your office

    You can log in from the home page, here you can set up your rewards gallery, set up Patients with rewards, see reports of how many active Patients you have enrolled, pay your monthly dues etc

  • Patients and Employee

    You can Log in from the home page.

    You can see rewards earned

    You can purchase items from your office rewards gallery with reward points you earned

    If you don't have enough points, you can purchase points using our secure online payment option

Patients & Employee
  • Enrolling

    Patients and Employee can join the rewards program if their healthcare office is a PRP Member. Ask your healthcare admin to enroll you in the rewards program.

    Once you are enrolled you can log in from the home page and manage your account

  • Earn Points

    Browse your Healthcare office gallery of tags by which you can earn reward points. Such as "New Patient referral" . If you refer a new patient to the office you will get rewarded by points that can be used to purchase items from the items gallery. Being a returning patient will earn you reward points.

  • Use Points

    Browse your healthcare office Item gallery to purchase items with your reward points.

    If you are short of points you can purchase points by using our secure online payment option

    You can pick up your reward items from your healthcare office.

Healthcare Office
  • Enrolling

    Join the Patients Rewards Program by requesting a login. Fill out a quick questionaire to request a login.

    Select from our Membership tiers, the membership that best suits your Healthcare office. Select from Silver, Gold and Platinum memberships

    Once you are enrolled as a member our team will help you set up your account.

  • Reward Patients

    Set up Custom Tags to reward Patients or use tags from our tag gallery.

    Reward points to Patients for tags like "On time for appointment", "New patient Referrals", "Zero Balance"

    You can set up anyone in your team to reward them, even your employee. Reward employee for good behavior, professionalism, etc attributes

  • Reward Employee

    Motivate your employee by rewarding them for their performance at office.

    Announce Employee of the month

    Set up Custom Tags to reward employee or use tags from our tag gallery.

  • Manage your account

    Log in to "My Account" section from the home page to manage Payment options and upgrade memberships.

    Create your Item Gallery. Add items and reward value to these to allow your Patients to purchase these with points.

    Create your Tags Gallery to create custom tags to use for your Patients and employee.

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