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Joining the Patient rewards Program
  • Who can join the Patient Rewards Program?

    A Healthcare Office such as a Dental or Medical Practice that is interested in rewarding its patients and/or employee can join this program. If you are a Patient or Employee, you can only join through your Healthcare Office. You cannot join on your own. Ask your Healthcare Office Administrator to enroll you in their Patient Rewards Program (PRP).

  • How can I join the Patient Rewards Program?

    If you are a Healthcare Office Administrator, please request a login from our home page. You will be given a temporary login. Someone from the PRP team such as an Admin will contact you to authenticate your validity and then set up a session with you to set your office up in the program. If you are a Patient or an Employee, please contact your Healthcare Office Admin to set you up in the program. You will not be able to set up directly. You will be set up via your healthcare office.

  • Am I eligible to join the Patient Rewards Program (PRP)?

    If you are a Patient or an Employee, you are eligible for joining the Patient Rewards Program if your Healthcare office is a participating member. All eligible participants must maintain a valid email address on record in order to receive or redeem earned points and manage your account. To remain eligible, you must be an active patient or employee.

  • How much does it cost to join?

    We offer three levels of membership for Healthcare Offices. Silver is the most basic membership and it is for a small offices who wish to enroll less than 500 users (Patients or Employee), we also offer Gold for medium size office and Platinum for large offices. Please browse our membership tier page to select a membership type that suits your needs. Patients and Employee of the participating Healthcare Office can join for free.

  • What happens if I am an Inactive Patient or Employee?

    Inactive participants will become active again after being activated by their Healthcare Admin. If your account is in an Inactive status for twelve months (365 days), your point balance will be reset to zero. Participants in the program must be in good standing with their Healthcare Office. Any discharge due to cause will automatically terminate participation in the program

Earning Points
  • How can I earn points?

    A participant can begin earning points as soon as a valid email address is established. Points earned prior to a valid email address being supplied will not be awarded.

  • How can a Patient and Employee earn points?

    IEarning points is easy and free! All you have to do is make sure that you are enrolled in the Patient Rewards Program (PRP) through your Healthcare Office. Your Healthcare office will have various tags that they will assign to you. You will earn points though these tags.

    Patients can earn points for paying off balance, for new patient referrals, keeping appointments and much more. Employee can earn points for being the highest producer, employee of the month etc. You can ask your healthcare office admin

    Find out more ways to earn points by logging into your account and checking the “request rewards” section. Here you will find a list of Tags that your Healthcare Office has set up along with point value. Or you can simply ask your healthcare office Admin.

Using Points
  • How can I use Points?

    You've earned the points, now comes the fun part - finding the perfect way to use them. As a loyal member of our Patient Rewards Program (PRP), you will discover an extensive array of exciting rewards and packages to choose from. So go ahead and treat yourself. You deserve it. With the Patient Rewards program (PRP), you can earn points for being a loyal Customer. Points are flexible, don't expire and there is no limit on the amount of points you can earn.

    Log in to your account and browse section “Redeem Rewards” here you will be able to see all the Items set up by your healthcare office. All items here are listed along with their point value. Here you can shop with your points.

  • What if I don’t have enough points to buy an item I like?

    If you don’t have enough points and really like something you want from the Rewards gallery, you can purchase points using our secure online payment options.

    Use our secure payment method to purchase points using your paypal or credit card. Be assured that we follow the highest standards for credit card security. You transactions are guaranteed secure.

  • What are Membership Tiers?

    We offer three types of memberships for healthcare offices. The Silver, Gold or Platinum. Here are the benefits of each.


    Become a silver member if you are a small healthcare office with less than 500 patients and want fairly low maintenance. Perhaps you just want to try this out and see how it works for your office and you want to start slow. You can always upgrade later. Browse our Membership tier page to know more details.


    Become a Gold member if you are a medium size office with less than 1000 patients in number. Most of our partners are medium size office. Browse our Membership tier page to know more details


    Become a platinum member if you have more than one office with more than 3000 patients. Browse our Membership tier page to know more details

After becoming a member
  • How do I know what to do after I join the program?

    After you join the program, our team will set up time with you to do the enrollment and initial set up. This will take anywhere from 2 to 24 hours. Once we have set you up we will provide a 2 hour training to a selected Admin from your office who will then be able to use the program.

  • How do I enroll patients?

    Enroll Patients in the Rewards program and start rewarding them for being a loyal customer .Research has shown that incentivizing helps motivate people to perform better. Motivate your patients to be loyal to your healthcare office by giving them incentives. .Enrolling patients in the program is as easy as signing up for a membership. As soon as you become a member, our team will set up all your patients in the program in no time .Your Patients will get account details and will be able to manage their own accounts . Your Patients will enjoy benefits and you will enjoy the peace of mind of having a steady flow of patients.

  • How can I enroll Employee?

    You can enroll your employee in the Patient Rewards Program (PRP) as well. Reward your employee for being a good employee. Motivate them to work harder, better by giving them incentives for the same. Your employee gets rewards that you set up for good attributes such as being the highest producer or being friendly or being the employee of the month. Employee can manage their own account. Our program sets up the employee and patients in the program.

  • How do I set up reward tags?

    Set up Reward Tags or choose from already existing reward tags from our gallery. Rewards tags are tags that you use to reward points to your Patients and Employee. Such as Tag "Referral" has a point value of 50. Every time an Employee or a Patients refers a patient to your office you can click on Tag "Referral" for that use and it will grant him/her 50 points that he/she can use to purchase Reward Items

    You can add custom tags by logging in to PRP Dashboard with your Admin login credentials and going to the “Rewards” section. Here you can then go to create tags. Now add a description, upload a picture or leave it blank and then assign point value. Such as “On time” tag has a value of 20 points. You can create and assign every time a patient is on time to their appointments. This will motivate your patients and employee to show up on time. They will receive an email each time they earn points via tags.

  • How do I reward points?

    Reward your Patients or Employee with points every time they need to be rewarded.These Points can be used by your employee and Patients to purchase items that your office sets up.

Managing your account
  • How can I manage points?

    On the Points Summary Page, you can take care of all your Membership Rewards account needs, such as: Monitor your current point balance -Review your rewards transactions and history

  • How will I know if I earned points?

    You will be notified via email everytime you earn points. You can also login to your account and see the history of points added. You can monitor your point balance.

  • What do I do if my healthcare office forgot to give me points?

    If you think you earned points and you don’t see these in your account, you can login to your account and go to section “Request Rewards” here you can select the tags you have missed and choose to send an email to your healthcare office admin.

  • What are Tags?

    Tags are attributes about your Patients or Employee that you want to reward them for. Such as “Patient Referral Tag” this tag can be assigned to a patient who has referred another patient to the healthcare office. And by doing so is now eligible for reward points. When you assign this tag to the patient his point balance will go up by an amount that you will set up for the tag value. Example 300 points.

Online Security
  • Is using my credit card online safe?

    We are compliant with the highest level of online safety and security. We have taken extra measures to make sure that we comply with highest level on online security. Moreover we never save your credit card information. It is managed by Authorize.net and Paypal. They are PCI DSS compliant and worlds leading company in online credit card security. For more information on them browse Authorize.net and Paypal.

  • What are Reward items?

    Reward items are items that you can choose to set up to be purchased by points. These can be selected from our existing Rewards gallery or you can add your own Items. .You can choose to create Rewards such as a Gift card or a Dental Goodie Bag or a Dinner Coupon. You can let your imagination and generosity go wild. Reward both your Patients and Employee with anything your office wants to participate in.

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