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Gold Membership   $300

"Become a Gold member if you are a medium size office with less than 1000 patients . Most of our partners are medium size office."

Core Benefits

* Enroll up to 1000 Patient and/or Employee.

* Select Items from our gallery or create your own gallery of Items. Add up to 50 Items.

* Select Tags to reward your patients, increase their chances to earn points. Create up to 50 Tags.

* Pay one time low initial set up fee of $199 and membership fee of $300/month.

* One time initial set up includes enrolling upto 1000 patients, Creating Tags and Item Galary. Our team will make sure you are up and running in no time.

* We will provide you with 3 months of online support and access to reporting a problem. Support calls after the initial 3 months will be billed at $50 per support call.

* Includes Initial 2 hour training and Demo on how to use the program.

* Includes Patient management such as emails to Patients every time a new item is added to the Gallery. Patients will be notified different ways of earning points and each time points are rewarded.

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