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“We are a year old practice. We had to start from scratch and build a patient base very quickly to be able to get the office running. To get new patients and retain them was our biggest challenge. We tried various marketing strategies and some worked a little and some just didn’t do anything for us.

We are a modern and innovative office and believe in latest technologies. We wanted to participate in some form of incentive program where we would be able to give incentives to our patients and motivate them to stick to our office. They should have a reason to come to our office when there are 10 other offices in 1 mile radius. The reason of course has to be top services which we are already giving. We wanted to give something more. A little extra to our patients that would make them want to be loyal to our office

When PRP (Patient Rewards Program) approached us and explained how the program works, we thought it was a brilliant idea! Don’t we all love free stuff, free points. And who doesn’t want incentives? So we participated in Patient Rewards Program. It is an amazing program. It is so simple to use and allows us to set up our rewards online. We can assign points to each patient through this program in an easy manner. The patients can redeem these points for all the items we put up.

Our patients have loved this program. We constantly receive requests from patients to put up more items. They are so engaged and excited about their rewards. We have seen our old patients come back to our office because they now have an incentive to come back.

We don’t have to worry about sending reminders to patients nor have our receptionists call the old patients anymore. It is all done through the Patient Rewards Program. They email the old patients telling them about the points they can earn at our office and the things they can buy using these points. That’s incentive enough for our patients to come back to us.

We highly recommend this program to any practice. It is definitely a plus for your office and will ensure a very steady and happy patient base.”

-Dr. Malik, D.D.S

Nicholas Cosmetic Dental Center

Philadelphia, PA

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